The winter months don’t automatically rule out garden improvement, as PC Landscapes proved to the owners of this Exeter home, ‘Cranbrook’. Which was fortunate, as the owners were crying out for a brand new garden to replace the muddy, stony patch of soil that came with their home.

PC Landscapes worked with the homeowners to design a completely new garden, including a new lawn, beds, patio area, and shed. Then, the work began in earnest: extending the patio seating area; filling raised beds; setting a shed base and erecting a new shed; building a brick wall around the patio; creating new paths; and levelling and turfing a brand new lawn.

A tidy little list of jobs – with an even tidier garden at the end.

Where does your garden waste go, when you renovate your garden? It’s a more important question than you might suspect – especially if you have no space for a compost heap, and no beds to raise with your excess topsoil.

Because PC Landscapes is a professional, accredited firm, it had all the contacts needed to remove every last scrap of waste from the redesigned garden of a retired Totnes couple. Of course, PC Landscapes did much more than organise a licensed waste disposal company – including excavating the lawn area, digging up shrub beds, placing edging stones, installing a membrane, and adding chippings.

The result? A minimalist, Japanese-style front garden – minus the unwanted soil – and a much more attractive aspect to the home.